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Introduction and history of vibration and range switch level

Range switches (vibrating forks) are among the most important level measurement equipment in the industry, which use vibration technology to detect the level point. These equipments are mostly used in liquids and powdery solids that are light and do not have the possibility of forming heavy lumps in them. Vibration level switches were introduced in the instrumentation and automation industry in the 1970s as an alternative to rotary paddle level switches. Range and vibration level sensors have passed their test well over time and continue to dominate the market as one of the most reliable level detection sensors.

This equipment is also known by other names in the Iranian market, which include: range level meter, vibration level meter, vibration level switch, vibration sensor, fork sensor, vibration level switch and several other names of the combination of these words, all of which It represents the level of the range switch.

The basis and operation of the range sensor

By applying power to the level switch circuit, the piezoelectric will start to oscillate. The piezoelectric oscillation applies pressure to the back of the tentacles, which in turn causes the tentacles themselves to move. Exactly according to the training video below.

Advantages of range switch and vibration

  • AC and DC universal input power supply

  • Tolerating very high process pressure (up to 160+ bar)

  • Degree of protection or various IP according to the customer's choice

  • Choosing the length of the sensor (fork or prong) according to your needs

  • Excellent temperature tolerance range, even in some equipment from -196 to +450 degrees Celsius

  • It is possible to choose the type of sensor probe alloy according to the corrosiveness and wear of the materials inside the tank

  • It is possible to change the sensitivity of the sensor based on the type of material inside the tank using the sensitivity volume

  • Selection of various types of threaded or flanged mechanical connections to connect and install the level switch to the tank

  • The possibility of installation in explosive areas due to having the highest level of certification and international ATEX standards

  • Choice of output type at buyer's choice: DPDT relay, NPN/PNP transistor, NAMUR namer, 8/16mA two-wire and IO-Link

Disadvantages of level switch range

  • The presence of a mixer in tanks containing liquids and water-based buttermilk will cause turbulence in the fluid surface, and this in turn will cause disturbances and fluctuations in the output of the equipment.

  • Breakage due to impact on the prongs or forks (vibrating level switches are not used in tanks where there is a possibility of heavy lumps).

Application of level switch range

Range level switches are designed and produced for different types of liquids and solids with the ability to withstand different temperatures and pressures. These unique equipments are often used in various industries such as oil, petrochemical, power plant, food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries .

These applications are mainly for detecting: the presence of materials in the silo, overfilling warning, alarm when the tank is empty of material, alarm for the presence of leakage in the tanks, protection of the pump and motors, turning on and off the valves, control of the conveyor belt and even for detection Liquid flow through pipes are also used.

The best brand of vibration level switches and vibrating forks

Many brands are active in the field of producing all kinds of vibration level switches. Rosemont, Anders+Hauser, Yokogawa and Vega companies are among the most important of these brands. Among these brands, our recommendation has always been the Vega brand.

This company, which is known as one of the top manufacturers of range level switches in the world, has a very special advantage over its competitors: all parts of Vega equipment, from the smallest to the largest and most important parts, are produced in the main company located in Germany. not in third countries!

Buying guide for level switch range

Choosing or configuring the right parameters according to the needs of your silo or tank will increase the life span and better efficiency of the equipment. We at Adak Sepehr Process, as the best and largest supplier of Vega instrumentation equipment in Iran , will be by your side to buy the most suitable equipment for your needs directly from the German Vega brand.

All equipment purchased from Adak Sepehr process, including vibration level switches, have a guarantee of authenticity and warranty. You can inquire about the authenticity of the equipment from the Vega website by using the serial number inserted on the product plate, which will be provided to you in advance as soon as the equipment leaves the parent factory.

To buy, just choose the desired product and if you are not sure which equipment is right for you, you can request free expert advice from us by just filling out a form; That too on the date and time of your choice!

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